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Court Interpreting Aplomb legal interpreting services

Does Aplomb Provide Court Interpreting?

Aplomb’s legal interpreters are some of the world’s best language interpreters providing consecutive and simultaneous court interpreting for legal proceedings worldwide.  We handpick the best

Translation Services

Translation Industry Statistics

Translation Industry Statistics The need to cross linguistic barriers for commercial purposes has created a surge in demand for translation services. These numbers illustrate the


The Mandinka Language

Mandinka is a West African language spoken by the Mandinka people. It is one of the Mande languages, which are a branch of the Niger-Congo


Does Aplomb Offer Legal Translations?

Yes! Aplomb has a stellar 33-year track record in providing legal translation services, including certified translations, in all languages to banks, businesses, and legal institutions


What Is a Certified Translation? 

A certified translation is a translation that has been carried out by a professional qualified translator and is signed by the translator to certify that