Quo Vadis, Aida?

Aplomb Multilingual Cinema Corner Director: Jasmila Zbanic Genre: Drama Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina Language: Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian Release: 2021 Awards: 37 wins and 43 nominations A harrowing account of the 1995 massacre in Srebrenica. Aida is a local teacher working for the UN as an interpreter. Her pass can open many doors but is it going […]

How much should you pay for translations?

At Aplomb Translations we understand that understanding translation costs, how they are calculated and finding ways to save money is important to you. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know: Some basics on document translation costs: How to ensure you’re getting charged a fair price: Quality of translation and its effect on price: […]

How Do I Get a Certified Translation?

Translation services continue to gain traction owing to globalisation. Professionals, businesses, and individuals have realised the importance of translation services in terms of accessibility in a world replete with hundreds of languages. However, a number of people often wonder why they should get a certified translation service and how it works. Let’s simplify it with […]

Exploring the Interconnectedness of Translation and Culture

cultural translation

The relationship between language and culture Language, culture and translation are inextricably connected. One clear example of this connection is the unique vocabulary and phraseology that cultures employ. Many words in a language arise to describe specific items, beliefs, and behaviours associated with a specific cultural group. Beret, chana daal, saari, haggis, jeans and cravat […]

Does Aplomb Provide Court Interpreting?

Court Interpreting Aplomb legal interpreting services

Aplomb’s legal interpreters are some of the world’s best language interpreters providing consecutive and simultaneous court interpreting for legal proceedings worldwide.  We handpick the best qualified and experienced interpreter for each matter from our database of proficient interpreters based on their professional qualifications, accreditations, sector specialties, and track record, as well as their language pairs. […]

Translation Industry Statistics

Translation Services

Translation Industry Statistics The need to cross linguistic barriers for commercial purposes has created a surge in demand for translation services. These numbers illustrate the key translation industry trends of recent years, as well as projections of growth. Spoiler alert: The translation industry has a promising future! On the other hand, there is a declining […]

Does Aplomb Offer Legal Translations?

Yes! Aplomb has a stellar 33-year track record in providing legal translation services, including certified translations, in all languages to banks, businesses, and legal institutions across the world. We understand that your words mean business. Our global network of Aplomb-certified legal translators has set the standards of excellence in translating all types of legal documents […]

RegTech in an International compliance world

Translation Services

Regulation Technology is being adopted to address regulatory compliance issues for financial services on an international level. RegTech is transforming financial services regulation. As new technology evolves, new regulations will arise to promote safe and responsible application of these technologies. It’s not surprising that compliance is being automated. Financial firms are handling more regulation than ever before. […]

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