Foreign Terminology in the Language of Medicine

Foreign terminology has played a pivotal role in shaping the language of medicine, providing precise and standardised means of communication among healthcare professionals worldwide. This linguistic integration involves contributions from various languages, with ancient Greek and Latin as classical foundations, and German making notable contributions. Ancient Greek The influence of ancient Greek on medical terminology […]

Medical and Health translations

The marketplace experiences many fluctuations, along with particular challenges when it comes to healthcare and medical translation. All types of translation are undoubtedly difficult, but healthcare and medical translation present an even tougher challenge. At present, medical translation is in high demand and requires more than basic translation services. This type of translation helps connect […]

Translation Services in Fan Zones and Competitors’ Villages at the Olympics and the World Cup

Complexities and Scale of the Task Translation services play a vital role in international sporting events, such as the Olympics and the World Cup, by facilitating communication between diverse groups of people, including athletes, officials, and spectators. The sheer number of languages spoken at these events, combined with the time-sensitive nature of the competitions, makes […]

How much should you pay for translations?

At Aplomb Translations we understand that understanding translation costs, how they are calculated and finding ways to save money is important to you. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know: Some basics on document translation costs: How to ensure you’re getting charged a fair price: Quality of translation and its effect on price: […]

A brief history of translation

The title of the first translation known is often given to The Epic of Gilgamesh, a poem originally written in Sumerian and translated into other Southwest Asian languages in the ancient world. The Epic of Gilgamesh dates from between 2750 and 2500BCE, and is quite possibly the oldest written story on Earth. It was originally […]

Exploring the Interconnectedness of Translation and Culture

cultural translation

The relationship between language and culture Language, culture and translation are inextricably connected. One clear example of this connection is the unique vocabulary and phraseology that cultures employ. Many words in a language arise to describe specific items, beliefs, and behaviours associated with a specific cultural group. Beret, chana daal, saari, haggis, jeans and cravat […]

The Mandinka Language

Mandinka is a West African language spoken by the Mandinka people. It is one of the Mande languages, which are a branch of the Niger-Congo language family. As a translation company of over 33 years we have experience and experienced language pairs to translate any Mandinka document requirements. The Mandinka language is spoken primarily in […]

Does Aplomb Offer Legal Translations?

Yes! Aplomb has a stellar 33-year track record in providing legal translation services, including certified translations, in all languages to banks, businesses, and legal institutions across the world. We understand that your words mean business. Our global network of Aplomb-certified legal translators has set the standards of excellence in translating all types of legal documents […]

RegTech in a Multilingual Compliance World

Translation Services

Regulation Technology is being adopted to address regulatory compliance issues for financial services on an international level. RegTech is transforming financial services regulation. As new technology evolves, new regulations will arise to promote safe and responsible application of these technologies. It’s not surprising that compliance is being automated. Financial firms are handling more regulation than ever before. […]


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