Bridging Language Gaps in Hospitality: A Look into the Translation of Hotel Documents

Bridging Language Gaps in Hospitality: A Look into the Translation of Hotel Documents

Introduction In the era of globalisation, the hospitality industry has become a melting pot of cultures, languages, and traditions. As hotels cater to a diverse clientele from all corners of the world, the need for effective communication has never been more critical. One of the key aspects of this communication is the translation of hotel […]

The Worst Person in the World

Director: Joachim TrierGenre: Comedy/DramaCountry: NorwayLanguage: NorwegianRelease: 2021Awards: 22 wins and 93 nominations Julie is a twenty-something woman searching for the fleeting meaning of life while navigating herconstantly changing career path and the troubled waters of her love life. It is a fascinating portrait ofa millennial existential crisis told with honesty and crafted with flair. […]

A Separation

Director: Asghar FarhadiGenre: DramaCountry: IranLanguage: PersianRelease: 2011Awards: 24 awards and 7 nominations Nader and Simin’s marriage is suffering a major crisis. Simin wants them to leave Iran to give their11-year-old daughter the best chance in life but Nader refuses to abandon his ill father. Simin filesfor divorce and after learning that their daughter wishes […]

What Is a Certified Translation? 

A certified translation is a translation that has been carried out by a professional qualified translator and is signed by the translator to certify that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document. These translations are usually accompanied by a stamp, signature, or seal from a notary public or other official […]


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