Mysmallhelp aims to relieve poverty in Nepal by providing education and support to orphaned, poor and ex-street children that otherwise would not be able to go to school. Your small help can make a big difference!

UK Registered Charity No. 1123830
Australia Registered Charity ABN 80647286164
Nepal Registered Charity No. 2656/381/562

UPDATE! 5th Dec 2022

MySmallHelp achieves goal for toilet upgrade!

Thank you to the truly generous individuals who donated £1000 and £2000 each to reach our goal for the toilet refurbishment project at Marybert Orphanage School in Nepal!

The project is now underway!

Help MySmallHelp refurbish Marybert Orphanage School in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Now collecting funds for

  • Washroom upgrade including new sink and tiles and shelves for washkits
  • Painting and decorating of walls, windows, doors and floors
  • New mattresses and bedding
  • New cupboards
  • New beds
  • Curtains
  • Towels
  • Rugs


MySmallHelp has been supporting Marybert Orphanage School since 2008. MSH has learned the best way to relieve poverty is through the provision of education and skills training to people who otherwise would not have access to such programs. We are delighted to continue to support Marybert – Thank you for all your small help!

MSH Helps children in Nepal by making education possible.

Hi, Aplomb Translations invites you to donate £5 to MSH’s campaign to raise money for the toilet block for Marybert Orphanage School. Donate now and Aplomb will give you a £10 voucher to use off your next translation.

Meet the children of Marybert Orphanage and School:

MSH’s first project was for supplying the original toilets.

Leander Hollings, founder of, set up MySmallHelp in 2008 to supply Marybert Orphanage and School with toilet facilities. Leander arranged for toilet facilities to be built and then  found 70 people to “give up a beer” each month to provide access to an education for a child in Nepal. My Small Help has helped many people since 2008, but we still need people to “give up a beer or juice” and donate £5 to help us to cover our ongoing costs of the projects. 

By donating just 5 pounds to our MHS justgiving campaign, you can help My Small Help to fix the toilet block at Marybert Orphanage and School. And, if you donate £5 to, Aplomb will give you a £10 voucher to use towards your next translation that you place with Aplomb. 


To renovate 13 year-old toilet with tiling and 4 water basins for the school children at Marybert School and children living at Marybert hostel.

Estimated cost: Rs. 450,000/- that is GBP 3000 (approx.)

The construction technician has estimated the cost at Rs. 450,000/-  (GBP 3,000). The cost may vary from 10 to 15% as the water drainage system might also need repairs.

The walls and floor of both the small toilet and the large toilet be tiled.  

4 basins with water taps for washing and cleaning for the children will be installed on the wall to the left side of the toilets.

No Basins exist at present – just a water tap!

Damp inside the toilet area means the concrete, cement and plaster all needs to removed and the walls and floor need to be renewed and then new tiles will be applied throughout. 

The roof of the toilet will also be rebuilt with a proper water drainage system.

Aplomb Translations proudly Supports MySmallHelp

Kim Karmozyn has been a trustee of My Small Help UK since 2010

Successful Project Carried out by MySmallHelp that we continue to support:

MySmallHelp re-built a school damaged by the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 – Ladkeshwor School (Devisthan).

MSH with help from Friends For Global Change USA, built Ladkeshwor School (Napane), a school building of 4 rooms in 2015. We also hired 2 teachers to uplift the quality of education. MSH continues to provide the salaries for the 2 teachers. The teachers that we hired are spiritual in nature, and one of the teachers provides Yoga Training every day to the local villagers for free.

After the 2015 earthquake, there was a lot of damage and cracking. This made the school lose its children who went to a different school. After some maintenance and the rise in community awareness of the importance of the government school and a new teaching system, the number of children has again increased. Currently, there are 42 children. According to the School Principal, there is a increase of around 10 children each year.


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