How much should you pay for translations?

At Aplomb Translations we understand that understanding translation costs, how they are calculated and finding ways to save money is important to you. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Some basics on document translation costs:

  • Language combination, experience of the translator, subject matter and formatting of the document can affect translation price.
  • Translation costs are normally worked out on a price-per-word basis, and most translators and translation companies work to industry standard rates.
  • Document translation prices generally range from £0.10 to £0.16 per word, with cost expected to lower over time as technology, such as neural machine translation, improves.
  • Languages that are spoken by large numbers of people like Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and English tend to cost less per word. Less common languages spoken by fewer people like Icelandic, Nepalese and Maori are generally more expensive.
  • Supply and demand can also affect the price per word of translation.

How to ensure you’re getting charged a fair price:

  • Check the quoted price against the industry standard rates to ensure your quote is within normal standards.
  • Consider the documents you need translating – highly-technical, glossy marketing, high-volume, and literary documents may require a translator with specialist skills and result in a higher cost.
  • For simple documents with low word count, the translation cost should be kept to a minimum.

Quality of translation and its effect on price:

  • Inexpensive basic translation services often use a cheap machine translation service with basic proofreading and editing on top.
  • High-quality translation service is required for accurately communicating with customers, promoting your brand and products, and selling to an overseas market.
  • Professional certification, credentials, recommendations, and case studies from clients can help you assess the expertise, knowledge, and professionalism of your translator or translation company.

How to save money on document translation without losing quality:

  • Group together documents with low word counts to avoid minimum charges.
  • High-volume projects may be suitable for a discount.
  • If your document is highly repetitive, your translator or translation company may be able to offer you a discount due to specialist technology that calculates repetitions.

In summary, understanding document translation costs, how they are calculated, and finding ways to save money is important to any translation project. At Aplomb Translations, we strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective translation services that meet your specific needs.

What languages do we translate?

We work in all language pairs.

There are over 7,000 languages being spoken in the world today, so our list is not exhaustive. If you do not see your language here, contact us and we will assist you. Whatever language pair you need, Aplomb will provide.

Aplomb Certified Translations

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Aplomb’s certified translations can be backchecked to our database. We ensure your translation is carried out and signed by the required professional to meet the guidelines of the jurisdiction of your choice.