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Aplomb’s interpreters are top in the world and they carry out assignments in their specialisms.

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We provide our clients with the best professional linguists. 

Our interpreters are handpicked according to their appropriate accreditations, qualifications, specialist expertise, experience, and any required security clearance.

Legal & Court Interpreting

Some of the best interpreters in the world choose to work with Aplomb and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with phenomenal subject specialists and highly experienced expert legal interpreters, wherever they are required – around the globe. 

Aplomb’s Court interpreters are highly trained and proficient consecutive interpreters or simultaneous interpreters with full experience of court procedures. They always remain impartial. We provide interpreters for courts, arbitrations and mediations, including remote interpreting via video conferencing and telecon interviews.

Our legal interpreters are experienced in all legal scenarios including assisting with witness statements, immigration matters, court appearances and conferences. We can provide Registered Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI), with a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DSPI) or with specified security clearance levels where appropriate. We work with you to find the interpreter to best present your matter and style. 

Remote Telecon and Video Interpreting

Remote teleconferencing is commonly used for meetings and discussions. Aplomb provides interpreting for calls whereby the interpreter attends remotely. Sometimes the interpreter attends at an office in person to provide interpreting for one individual party on the teleconference or video meeting. It is now usual for the interpreter to be included from a remote site. The interpreter’s voice can be enabled for all or for selected meeting participants to hear as required.

Video interpreting is used for court hearings, witness statements, strategy planning and testimony. Aplomb is able to assist with interpreting for all digital scenarios.     

Medical Interpreting

Medical Interpreting in all languages for 35 years

In-person & remote interpreting for businesses, medical facilities and individuals

For individuals, we offer translation of medical reports and results, and interpreting services for medical consultations, both in-person and remote. Aplomb also provides interpreters to assist with insurance interviews and fit for work assessments. Where a medical interpreter is required for in-hospital support, you can count on Aplomb for a professional service whether you need an interpreter for a few hours or for an ongoing process over several months or years.

Litigation matters pertaining to medical issues are also handled by Aplomb. We provide specialised medical interpreters experience with court, arbitration and mediation matters. Aplomb also provides interpreting support for witness statements, interviews and testimony.

Aplomb can assist with business meetings, training sessions and seminars.

We can help enable clear discussions of medical procedures, devices and facilities between speakers of different languages.

For all your medical interpreting needs, trust Aplomb.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the most difficult style of interpreting. Interpreters listen and translate at the same time, enabling multi-national conference delegates, for example, to understand another delegate’s speech as it takes place. Simultaneous interpreting requires highly skilled interpreters and special equipment (booths, earphones).

Used for International Summits, Professional Seminars and Conferences, and sometimes referred to as Conference interpreting, it is provided by professionally trained experienced interpreters where seamless multilingual communication is crucial. Aplomb can assist with all necessary arrangements for your interpreting events. 

Whispering Interpreting

Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) is when one participant speaks, and simultaneously, an interpreter speaks to one or maximum two people who require interpreting services. This is simultaneous interpreting provided without the need for any specialised equipment or interpreting booths.

It is often used in a meeting environment. The translation is rendered in real time and so the interpreting does not extend the length of the event, in contrast to consecutive interpreting which doubles the time of each event being interpreted.

Ad-hoc Interpreting

Ad-hoc interpreting or liaison interpreting is used for Conference Calls, Meetings, Mediations, Negotiations, etc. The interpreter will generally interpret both into and out of the client’s ‘target’ language, using either consecutive interpreting or, on occassion, if they are working for only one or two people at the meeting, they may be asked to simultaneous interpreting for smaller meetings circumstances. Using consecutive interpreting, the interpreter will interpret for the small group of participants at a pause during the speech of each participant. Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter uses whispering interpreting to interpret for one or two people at the same time as the speaker is speaking.

At Aplomb, we take Ad-hoc to a higher level by ensuring our linguists have appropriate technical subject matter expertise in the language pairs requested.

Consecutive Interpreting

Interpreters translate or summarise after short sections of a discussion. The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes short notes and then interprets what has been said in the target language of the audience. This sort of interpreting is appropriate for one-to-one meetings or small groups. In some situations such as negotiations and mediations, the interpreter may be required to translate both into and our of the target language.

Aplomb’s professional linguists are specially selected according to subject sector expertise within the languages pairs required to ensure accurate technical knowledge specific to the event topic.

Choosing the correct professional interpreter guarantees your words are accurately translated into successful business.

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