Legal Translation

Aplomb was founded way back in 1989 to provide legal, financial and specialist technical translations in all languages.

Aplomb has set the standards for excellence in legal translation for 34 years. 

Translating for legal matters isn’t just about contracts with standard phrases. Aplomb has experienced, professionally qualified translators with subject specialisms in any area of law; from family law and accounts, to shipping, energy exploration, medical device patents, insurance and financial regulations.. Once our translations have been completed by a native linguist, they are all proofread – word for word – not just spot checked, to ensure our exceptional Aplomb Quality.

The expert level of subject specialism required for legal translations means our translators are not just superb linguists, but also subject experts who understand the specialist terminology in both languages. Many have worked in their field and hold professional qualifications in their subject specialisms as well as their language pairs. “Just as you choose the correct lawyer for a job, trust Aplomb to select the right linguist. Aplomb sets standards for legal translations. Top lawyers deserve top linguists. Ready to communicate with Aplomb?

Certified, Notarised, Legalised translations

Certified Translation

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice and in all language pairs. We always ensure an appropriately approved and qualified translator carries out the work. Certified translations are necessary for documents that need to be notarised or legalised and for submission to court.

Legalisation & Notarisation

Aplomb offers Notarisation and Legalisation of our certified translations.
For urgent matters, a premium same-day service is available for both Notarisation and Legalisation. 

Secure Translations

Confidentiality Assured 

Aplomb handles every matter with confidential care. The nature of the work we do means security of information is essential. We track documents and know where they are and who is handling them. 

For highly sensitive matters, as required, linguists with approved security clearance are assigned.

Geographic limitations are applied to data as necessary. Most of our linguists are in the UK and the EEA. 

We sign NDAs with our clients. Confidentiality agreements, NDAs and privacy policies are signed with all of our subcontractors, linguists and employees.


Transcription in all Languages

Aplomb regularly provides transcription services of audio for legal, financial and business purposes. Our scope spans from black box (VDR) voyage data recordings of ships with multilingual shouting and background wave, wind and helicopter noise, to studio quality videos for health & safety training or marketing purposes. 

Legal and Court Interpreting

Some of the best interpreters in the world choose to work with Aplomb and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with phenomenal subject specialists and highly experienced legal interpreters, wherever they are required – all around the globe.

Aplomb ID Verification for Translators

To safeguard translators’ professional IDs (often used fraudulently), mitigate risks of use of fraudulent translations and verify the ID of translators, Aplomb created our innovative in-house solution for ID and skill-set verification of translators to create a unique database of Aplomb Certified translators approved to carry out work.

Aplomb Certified Translations

Translation Services

Aplomb’s certified translations can be backchecked to our database. We ensure your translation is carried out and signed by the required professional to meet the guidelines of the jurisdiction of your choice.

Cyber Essentials Certified

Aplomb is Cyber Essentilas Certified

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