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Medical Translators for 34 years

Aplomb Translations provides comprehensive and flexible medical and health translations & interpreting services in all languages

We translate everything from urgent test results to pharmaceutical research reports, insurance policies, product packaging and marketing campaigns. Medical language interpreting is offered both in-person and remote for court appearances, insurance matters, presentations, audiovisual media, interviews and consultations. Aplomb’s team of industry specialist language professionals and attentive project managers is trusted to provide complex services that must be accurate.

Aplomb Translations has been trusted for 33 years to deliver certified, high-quality, accurate, and reliable medical and health translations & interpreting services in all languages by the world’s top businesses, law firms and institutions – some of whom have relied upon Aplomb to translate their words accurately since 1989! 96% of our custom from repeat business shows our customer satisfaction is top. Translating with Aplomb means you can rest assured your medical translation will receive the same care and attention as that of our long-term clients.

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Secure Computer Assisted Translation Tools increase efficiency of speed, consistency and costs

For ongoing medical and health translation projects, repetitive documents and large team projects, Aplomb employs state of the art terminology and data tools to ensure drastically reduced revision time, consistency of specialist terminology across multiple documents and definite cost savings for translations. Our customers rest assured that the quality of our medical language translations is consistent.

Aplomb Accredited Medical and Health Translators & Interpreters

At Aplomb, we choose our medical and health linguists one by one. We verify their ID to ensure confidentiality. We check their professional credentials to ensure they have necessary certifications and qualifications for sworn and certified levels of translation. We test and assess translators’ and interpreters’ work. We ensure our linguists have experience in the medical sector. Only once linguists have successfully passed through our assessment process will they make it onto our Aplomb database of Aplomb certified linguists. We do this to ensure the world’s top translators handle your translations and interpreting needs.

Certified, Notarised & Legalised medical sector translations provided in all languages.

Certified Translation

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice and in all language pairs. We always ensure an appropriately approved and qualified translator carries out the work. Certified translations are necessary for documents that need to be notarised or legalised and for submission to court.

Legalisation & Notarisation

Aplomb offers Notarisation and Legalisation of our certified translations. For urgent matters, a premium same-day service is available for both Notarisation and Legalisation. 

When lives depend on accuracy, Aplomb is trusted

When it comes to medical translations, lives depend on accuracy, and we take the trust placed in us to deliver seriously. Getting dosages and treatment protocols correct can make the difference in saving lives. Aplomb’s quality track record is excellent. We employ a stringent quality control process, which is adhered to for all our translations from one single word to a million words plus. Accuracy matters and tailoring each project individually is where we begin our exceptional Aplomb attention to detail.

We ensure quality from the outset by choosing the best linguists for each assignment. Not only do we match language pairs and ensure translation into linguists’ mother tongues, we assign linguists to your project according to their precise specialist sector experience. Our attention to detail, and specialist linguist selection process ensures correct use of appropriate medical terminology right from the start. For translations, once completed, the documents will be edited and rigorously checked for accuracy and consistency. Any questions will be resolved with the translators and the client being involved to ensure a satisfactory result. Agreed changes will be made and formatting will be applied. Charts and graphs will be reproduced. The final document will be fully proofread, word for word (not just spot checked), by a linguist. Aplomb’s satisfaction guarantee means the translated document is a true and accurate translation of the original text, and that it meets Aplomb’s rigorous standards of quality control which our company has built its reputation on since 1989. An Aplomb translation is one you can rely upon.

Specialist Health & Medical Marketing support in All Languages

Aplomb an experienced and trusted provider of translation and interpreting language support services for health and medical marketing events, launches, devices, documents, video for marketing, instruction and education and posters and packaging.

Audiovisual is the number one format for delivering information in our digitised world. We offer multi-lingual subtitling as well as voiceover for health & safety, device instructions, training, rehabilitation, education and marketing videos, films and short clips.

Websites are a key component of any product launch and new legislation pertaining to user manuals for medical devices, means instructions can no longer be badly translated by machine translation as the results will not meet regulatory standards. Aplomb is adept at delivering top quality translations that enable our customers to meet their compliance regulations speedily and efficiently.

Multilingual translation of documentation of health marketing research questionnaires and reports is all part of the service at Aplomb. Packaging, instructions and promotional material for medical devices & equipment can be translated into any language.

From service manuals to promotional campaigns, Aplomb provides specialist health marketing departments and medical-focused businesses with translation support that meets regulatory requirements across the globe.

The recently adopted EU MDR was created to improve the standards of medical devices, and also to increase the accuracy and detail of any labels and additional information. Under the new EU MDR, translation of all information pertaining to medical devices now must be accurate and meet European-wide rules, including being translated into 24 official EU languages. Translations of Instructions for Use (IFUs) are now part of the submission requirements required for conformity assessment for CE marking.

In 2022, new regulations have come into effect concerning translation requirements for medical and health related products and services. Aplomb’s medical translators keep up to date with research and new innovations, new medical equipment and the new terms and protocols accompanying these. Documentation must be accurate and so our translators keep abreast of advancements in their specialisms. Partnering with Aplomb as your medical translation provider, you can be sure your translation is carried out by experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

Security of information has guided Aplomb’s policy of confidentiality since our inception.

Aplomb’s information risk management processes

– legal, physical and technical, are up to industry standards. This ensures we meet all your confidential data handling requirements. We use proven and trusted secure methods of document delivery, handling and storage. We never use insecure machine translation programs and we always know who is handling your information. For each project, we assign geographic parameters that match your data restriction policies, using only appropriately located translators and interpreters. We take security of data and privacy policies seriously and we won’t risk your data, even if it means keeping it within the EEA costs us more. We understand the risks for data and we have always put confidentiality and security at the forefront of technology implementation. Keeping client data safe means our reputation is secure.

Types of services requiring Medical and Health specialist linguists

We regularly provide certified and notarised medical report translations for insurance and legal matters. This often includes transcription of interviews and translation. 

We offer multi-lingual subtitling for health & safety, device instructions, training, rehabilitation and marketing videos. 

Multi-lingual health marketing research questionnaires, reports and videos and packaging, instructions, device & equipment service manuals and promotional campaigns are all services we provide for specialist health marketing companies and for health and medical focused businesses. 

For individuals, we offer translation of medical reports and results, and interpreting services for medical consultations, both in-person and remote.

Regulatory Requirements for Translation for Medical and Health Sectors

Delivery of medical and health services and products has been changing rapidly since 2020. In 2022, new regulations have come into effect concerning translation requirements for medical and health related products and services. Medical translators must keep up to date with research and new innovations, new medical equipment and the new terms and protocols accompanying these. Documentation must be accurate and so our translators keep abreast of advancements in their specialisms. Partnering with Aplomb as your medical translation provider, you can be sure your translation is carried out by experienced, knowledgeable and professionals.

As the world changes, Aplomb continues to welcome unique projects as they help us grow our offerings. Speak to us about our bespoke solutions to meet your translation and interpreting requirements confidentially, securely, accurately. +442078319444

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