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Aplomb was founded way back in 1989 to provide legal, financial and specialist technical translations in all languages.

Aplomb has set the standards for excellence in legal translation for 33 years. Legal cases can involve any aspect of life and any subject matter. Translating for legal matters isn’t just about contracts with standard phrases. From family law and accounts, to shipping, energy exploration, medical device patents, insurance and financial regulations, Aplomb has experienced specialist translators. Our translations are carried out by native tongue professionally qualified linguists with experience in their subject field. All our translations are proofread – word for word – not just spot checked, to ensure our exceptional Aplomb Quality.

 The expert level of subject specialism required for legal translations means our native tongue translators are not just superb linguists, but also subject experts who understand the specialist terminology in both languages. And, just as you choose the correct lawyer for a job, trust Aplomb to select the right linguist. If your matter is legal and shipping, we assign a translator with the correct language pairs, experienced not just in legal translation, but in legal and shipping translation or legal and energy, or legal and medical translation. Aplomb’s specialist legal translators really are at the top of their industry. Many of our linguists have worked in their field and hold professional qualifications in their subject specialisms as well as their language pairs. Aplomb sets standards for legal translations. Top lawyers deserve top linguists. Ready to communicate with Aplomb?

Certified Translations

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice. Working with many of our translators for over 20 years, we have a vast number of professional linguists whom we work with all over the world. This means that when you need your document translated by a state registered translator and stamped as certified abroad, we have a trusted professional linguist on hand. In the UK, we provide certified translations accepted by the courts every day.

Need certified translations for use abroad? No problem. Notarisation and Legalisation of our translations are services we arrange at Aplomb every day. Aplomb is registered with the FCO to provide a 1-day legalisation service.

Secure Translations

Aplomb’s Secure Translations service means your matter is treated as confidential. All our translators & interpreters are Aplomb ID Verified and we have confidentiality agreements in place with each of our linguists. We have a secure system for document exchange to ensure your documents are translated securely and confidentially. 

We always know who is handling your data and where it is. We regularly arrange higher level secure translations and we can provide linguists with security clearance as required. Aplomb is agile and regularly adapts our processes to work within our clients’ secure systems. We are also able to restrict your data to specified geographic parameters. Trust Aplomb to translate your information safely – the world’s top law firms and banks have for 33 years. 

Transcription of Audio

Transcription of Audio for legal matters in all languages. And, sometimes several languages at once! Aplomb’s professional secure transcription service is unsurpassed for quality. Machine transcription works well for clear audio for some languages and especially for English, but for audio that is unclear, has background noise, multiple speakers, multiple languages and varying volumes – or needs to be done securely – professional human linguists are the answer.

Aplomb transcribes and translates audio for legal matters, VDR (voyage data recording) audios, teleconferences, speeches, dictation, subtitles for video and phone conversations. Sea to air rescue audio are multi-lingual with people shouting not necessarily in their native language. Add the background noise of the helicopter, ship and sea and the decipherment of the audio becomes a challenge. A challenge Aplomb is fully prepared to meet. From Maltese, Tagalog, Berber, Arabic dialects, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Greek, German, Turkish, Italian and more, where machine transcription fails, Aplomb excels. 

Machine Translation

Machine Translation – is it for you? Machine translation is still only 38-70% accurate so we don’t recommend it where an accurate translation is needed, but it is helpful to organise large document volumes to determine the relevancy of a document to a legal matter. It may make it faster & easier to decide which documents are necessary to have fully translated by our professional human translators. Aplomb uses paid for GDPR compliant machine engines to ensure your data is not shared. Speak to Aplomb about MT, [click here button]


Court, Arbitration & Mediation

Court, Arbitration & Mediation interpreting is another exceptional service from Aplomb. The top interpreters in the world choose to work with Aplomb. We send our highly skilled linguists all over the globe as required. We know our interpreters are great as we have excellent client feed back: Our clients choose to work with us time & time again. So, book well in advance as our exceptionally talented interpreters book up quickly. Booking an interpreter? To determine which type of interpreting service you require use our [click here] Interpreter Booking Checklist.

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