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Aplomb Translations provides Min translation and interpreting services.

Min is a broad group of Sinitic languages with about 70 million native speakers. These languages are spoken in Fujian province as well as by the descendants of Min-speaking colonists on the Leizhou Peninsula and Hainan and by the assimilated natives of Chaoshan, parts of Zhongshan, three counties in southern Wenzhou, the Zhoushan archipelago, Taiwan, and Singapore. The name is derived from the Min River in Fujian, which is also the abbreviated name of Fujian Province. Min varieties are not mutually intelligible with one another nor with any other variety of Chinese (such as Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu, Gan, Xiang, or Hakka).

There are many Min speakers among overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia. The most widely spoken variety of Min outside of mainland China is Hokkien, a variety of Southern Min which has its origin in southern Fujian. Amoy Hokkien is the prestige dialect of Hokkien in Fujian, while a majority of Taiwanese speak a dialect called Taiwanese Hokkien or simply Taiwanese. The majority of Chinese Singaporeans are of Southern Min-speaking background (particularly Hokkien and Teochew), although the rise of Mandarin as a home language in that country has led to a decline in the use of Min Chinese. Communities speaking Eastern Min and Pu-Xian Min can also be found in parts of the Chinese diaspora.

Many Min languages have retained notable features of the Old Chinese language, and there is linguistic evidence that not all Min varieties are directly descended from Middle Chinese of the Sui–Tang dynasties. Min languages are believed to have a significant linguistic substrate from the languages of the inhabitants of the region prior to its sinicization.

Aplomb ID Verification for Translators:

To safeguard translators’ professional IDs (often used fraudulently), mitigate risks of use of fraudulent translations and verify the ID of translators, Aplomb created our innovative in-house solution for ID and skill set verification of translators to create a unique database of Aplomb Certified translators approved to carry out work.

Aplomb Certified Translations

Translation Services

Aplomb’s certified translations are back checkable to our database. We ensure your translation is carried out and signed by the required professional to meet the guidelines of the jurisdiction of your choice.

How does Aplomb ensure Quality?

Linguists are experienced, qualified professionals, carefully selected by Aplomb.

Top world linguists chose to work with Aplomb and we maintain exceptional working relationships with our translators to ensure we can deliver the highest quality, securely and on time.

Aplomb individually tailors every job, matching our best skilled translators and interpreters to both the specialist field and language pairs for each matter.

All work is treated as confidential. We put confidentiality agreements in place. We adhere to client security requirements and adapt our processes where relevant.

Work is mainly done by translators within the UK and the EU, but to comply with customers’ regulatory and security compliance, where requested we are able to restrict the geographic location of assignments.

ID credentials and professional qualifications checked. We know who is handling your IP.

We have confidentiality agreements with all our translators and interpreters. 

Translations are proofread by the initial linguist, then checked again. This ensures our high standard of professional quality. 

Every Aplomb translation is thoroughly checked by our managers in-house. Some translations will be edited several times before being delivered to you. We do this in a way that guarantees your translation is delivered on time, and to a high standard. 

Translations have a 30-day guarantee – full terms & conditions are available here.

Extreme Speed is achieved by a coordinated team of translators whose work is then brought together and collated for consistency by a single editor.

From Quote to Delivery, all work is thoroughly overseen and checked by our Aplomb-certified translation managers.


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