Shipping, Marine Transport
and Energy

Shipping, Marine Transport & Energy

34 years ago, Aplomb’s first job was related to shipping

London as the leading maritime legal hub with the Admiralty Court dating back to the reign of Edward I (1272–1307), and home to the LMAA – World Leaders In Commercial Maritime Dispute Resolution means that providing specialist technical translations for shipping, transport & energy matters is a key focus of our business.

Aplomb works with the world’s top shipping lawyers, P&I clubs, brokers, charterers, owners, storage facilities, ports and shipyards.

Certified translations for insurance, contractual and litigation matters or for service abroad are carried out in all languages.

From new buildings to logbooks and bunker disputes and rescue at sea, we assign Aplomb-verified professional translators with specialist knowledge, experience and often, qualifications in the subject matter being translated. Using the correct specialists ensures accuracy of technical terminology right from the start and creates efficiencies of speed and cost.

Ships, Shipping, Marine, Insurance, Energy, Transport, Charterparties, Bills of lading, Ship’s Logbooks….

Aplomb has 34 years of experience with shipping terminology and all things related. Our first shipping translations in 1989, were telex transmissions and handwritten logbooks. Since then, we’ve handled just about everything including contaminated bunkers disputes, cyber safe secure messaging, breach of superyacht building contract, health & safety instructional videos, crews’ medical cover, cruise vessel itineraries, port storage, demurrage claims, bunker dispute resolutions, multi-lingual VDR transcription, crew statements, piracy, new building contracts, dock collisions, allisions, inspections, speed & consumption performance, LMAA arbitrations and cases in the Admiralty Court. 

“From new buildings to BIMCO, Aplomb’s sector specialists will support you  - All ports, all vessels, all languages – translated with Aplomb.”


Aplomb translates tenders, reports, contracts and inspections for energy exploration, renewables, solar, wind farm projects, gas & oil extraction and transport in all languages. Aplomb offers remote and on-site interpreting support on a global basis, smoothing the way for local communication.

Certified, Notarised, Legalised translations

Certified Translation

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice and in all language pairs. We aim to ensure an appropriately approved and qualified translator carries out the work. Certified translations are necessary for documents that need to be notarised or legalised and for submission to court.

Legalisation & Notarisation

Aplomb offers Notarisation and Legalisation of our certified translations.
For urgent matters, a premium
same-day service
is available for both Notarisation and Legalisation. 

Secure Translations

Confidentiality Assured 

Aplomb handles every matter with confidential care. The nature of the work we do means security of information is essential. We track documents and know where they are and who is handling them. 

For highly sensitive matters, as required, linguists with approved security clearance are assigned.

Geographic limitations are applied to data as necessary. Most of our linguists are in the UK and the EEA. 

We sign NDAs with our clients. Confidentiality agreements, NDAs and privacy policies are signed with all of our subcontractors, linguists and employees.

Aplomb is Cyber Essentials Certified. 

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Need language support for the Admiralty Court matters?

  • collisions between ships
  • disputes over the transport of cargo
  • salvage of a ship, cargo or crew
  • disputes over goods supplied to a ship
  • disputes over mortgages and other security over ships
  • claims by passengers for injuries suffered
  • claims by ship crew for unpaid wages
  • claims by shipowners to limit liability for loss or damage

Aplomb provides translations, transcription and interpreting services for all shipping dispute matters that arise.

We have years of experience translating claims, forms, response packs and guidance for service abroad, discovery documents, witness statements, inspection and experts’ reports, judgements, port documents, and ships’ logs. 

Whether you need translation support for claims submissions or specialist legal shipping interpreters for arbitration hearings or admiralty court appearances, we will support you. 

Rare language translation and interpreting for crew statements are usual for Aplomb. 

Need VDR transcription & translation?

Aplomb excels at multi-lingual complex projects.

Voyage Data Recorder – the black box for ships

Translation Services
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Air/Sea rescue

Aplomb transcribed the dialogue from the VDR for this dramatic Air/Sea rescue. Multi-lingual speakers shouting in several languages at once amidst the sound of the extremely rough seas, crashing waves, metal on rock and the whirring helicopter blades meant this was a complex project to transcribe. Using voice enhancement and noise reduction software, our translators were able to decipher the languages, transcribe the speech and then translate everything into English. Luckily everyone was safely rescued.

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