Social Media

Go native and set your brand on trend with the locals.

Ensure social acceptance everywhere!

Tweak your tweets to greet your customers in familiar slang, abbreviations and 

Stand “up” in the crowd – not “out” like a sore thumb. Spending money on carefully targeted social media campaigns? Honing your content to greet native audiences increases the likelihood of your message being read by up to 70%. A smaller campaign with translation into more languages can create bigger results. 

Consider Dubbing, Voice-over, Subtitles and Graphics Localisation and make your media locally social.

Hyper-targeted campaigns across social media channels to reach the right people where they are is at the heart of social media localisation. Localising your audiovisual content with language, dialect, colloquialisms, background music, images and translated in-video graphics can optimise your advertising investments through focused direct outreach on search tools and social media channels. The importance of knowing your customer well enough to speak to them intelligently is something many companies understand.

Speaking the language of your target audience means they are 60% more likely to listen.

Yet, just translating dialogue from one language to the next without contextual considerations is where businesses miss out on authenticity. Many companies fail to speak to their customers in their native languages from within their own cultural contexts. In a world where 74% of speakers of English as a second language buy only in their native language, businesses can no longer rely upon engagement just because customers have a certain level of English. Instead, to gain brand trust, businesses must reach out to customers at home, on their terms, in their language and within their comfort zone. To be trusted, their brand must look “at home” with their customer, right by their side.

This is how gaining intelligent conversions through laser localisation will help drive business engagement. Video repurposed in viewers’ native languages and presented in a culturally appropriate fashion will help funnel fans through nurturing strategies to produce impactful results.

Aplomb helps to put this ethos into practice for localisation of social media clips. Where voiceovers are required, local voice-over artists match the language, dialect and accent of your audience. In some cases, it is also important to match age and gender. For video dubbing, voice linguists will not only choose each word for meaning, but also to match the lip movements of the dialogue speakers. Background music will be considered, sound effects altered, and in-video graphics will be translated as appropriate for local appeal.

baker online courses. food preparing and culinary training class concept. smiling bearded chef kneading dough in the kitchen and shooting video of himself using mobile phone on a tripod.

Where original voices are retained, subtitles can be used to provide translations for other languages. From 7-second social media clips to 190-minute films, Aplomb creates subtitles from video and translates these into your chosen languages, matching the subtitle lengths to the video scenes. Graphics localisation for any written signs, banners, messages, slogans and credits that may appear throughout your video is also addressed, as well as full graphics localisation – if a GFX pack is available.

Aplomb has been helping its customers speak with their clients all around the world for 33 years. We understand how words, language and communication are fluid. Employing new methods of communication and new technology is what makes translation so exciting. In 2022, audiovisual localisation is our fastest growing communication tool. If you are considering taking your message global, think localisation, as you may just improve the effectiveness of your campaign by up to 600%.