Specialist Sector Translations

Specialist Technical Translations & Sector Specialist Interpreting Services in All Languages

Aplomb has been providing sector specialist technical translations & interpreting services for 34 years. Aplomb assigns professional linguists with subject matter knowledge and experience as well as language pair aptitude for each project. This ensures correct terminology use in both languages. Our linguists have subject experience and many hold professional qualifications in their specialist sectors. For example, our linguists have studied and worked in law, medicine, healthcare, engineering, banking & finance, shipping, transport, energy, marketing, construction, railways, mining, insurance, education, government and more. Plus, our certified linguists are professionally qualified to translate into their mother tongue.

Our interpreters are experienced for the type of interpreting we approve them to supply. So you can trust that your court interpreter will be familiar with the format. And, your medical interpreter will understand what is required within the hospital setting. 


Aplomb has provided translations encompassing the whole life cycle process, including mining feasibility studies, tenders, contracts, prospecting and exploration reports, production, closure, rehabilitation and reclamation. We have also handled litigation matters relating to mining.

Medical Translations & Interpreting

REMOTE Medical interpreting

Trust Aplomb when lives matter. Medical Translation and Interpreting, both in person and remote is provided in all languages.  

Legal Translations & Court Interpreting

Aplomb provides legal interpreters for court and arbitration interpreting in all languages, all around the globe. When you require a world-top interpreter with specialist sector knowledge from shipping, finance and energy to employment, immigration or family law, trust Aplomb. We match the linguist with legal experience plus specialist subject experience, and the language aptitude for each matter. Bespoke solutions for sensitive and complex matters are our specialty.

Certified, Notarised, Legalised translations

Certified Translation

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice and in all language pairs. We always ensure an appropriately approved and qualified translator carries out the work. Certified translations are necessary for documents that need to be notarised or legalised and for submission to court.

Legalisation & Notarisation

Aplomb offers Notarisation and Legalisation of our certified translations.
For urgent matters, a premium same-day service is available for both Notarisation and Legalisation. 

Financial Translation & Interpreting

Financial Translations & Interpreting are some of the most complex matters for linguists to translate and interpret. Financial terms change fast and not all terms have an equivalent match in the target language. This is where our experienced professionals excel. They have the knowledge and the years of practice with financial terminology which enables them to describe terms in a language where that term does not exist. For instance, China does not have all of the financial products found in London. Our skilled human linguists are able to create definitions to convey the information accurately. And, for financial branding and the launch of new products globally, our financial translators help ensure clarity to increase trust in all native languages. They know their way around a spreadsheet and can translate straight into your documents where required, often creating savings of speed & costs. Regular translation updates of yearly reports and accounts are a usual part of our repertoire. We have been doing this for some of our regular customers for over 10 years.

Property Construction

From property leases to construction designs, Aplomb assists with specialist technical translations in all languages. Our knowledge expert translators ensure terms are accurate in all languages, helping you cement your business foundations all around the globe.

Regtech Translation

Regulatory Compliance is global. Financial firms are dealing with regulation changes in multiple countries and jurisidications.  Aplomb assists RegTech firms, which have emerged to help businesses streamline the compliance process, with global compliance. We help provide tracking, translation and summaries of compliance related and regulatory updates in foreign languages. Already have a RegTech partner? Aplomb can work with them to design a bespoke solution for your foreign language requirements to work within your present system. Need a RegTech partner to assist you with foreign regulatory compliance? Ask Aplomb and we’ll help.

For financial services, the benefits of RegTech Translation with Aplomb are substantial:

» Efficiency  – Aplomb assists to use technology to track raw legal text and extract valuable insights within your defined parameters in multiple languages. 

» Greater accuracy and comprehensiveness — Automated processes still have gaps and these gaps widen when foreign language data is required within the compliance operation. If you have increased risk exposure due to cross-border regulations, Aplomb can help. Our specialist financial linguists with RegTech skills can work with your RegTech provider within applicable technology to help you fill any gaps and create a streamlined, multi-lingual compliance process.

» Greater internal alignment — Aplomb’s bespoke translation solutions can be slotted into your technology tools and increase the global scope, insights and speed of your internal compliance.

» Improved risk management — With new regulations for finance being created every day and products reaching across borders, can you afford not to consider translation solutions for global compliance?


Shipping Transport and Energy

Aplomb has 33 years of experience providing specialist translation and interpreting services for shipping, transport and energy matters. From mining and energy exploration to bunkering matters, Aplomb has experienced specialist translators with terminology knowledge. 

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