Aplomb’s Verified Subject Specialist Linguists Ensure Correct Use of Terminology for Transcription in all languages

Just as with our translation and interpreting services, Aplomb assigns verified subject specialist linguists who have correct sector knowledge

as well as language pair aptitude, to ensure correct terminology for your audio transcription. It is important to be aware of who is carrying out your transcriptions and what skills they have. A transcriber is not necessarily a translator. For example, we can all listen to audio in our native language and transcribe it. However, not all of us are familiar with specialist terminology used in medicine, engineering, IT, gaming, shipping, law, finance and even in some cases, sport. For medical diagnoses, device instructions and dosages, lives depend upon transcription accuracy, and specialist medical linguists are required.

At Aplomb, we understand the importance of starting with the best skilled professionals for your project, as using the right people is how we deliver top quality products again and again. This is what keeps our customers coming back for 5, 10, 15, and 33 years! 

So, who is the best transcriber for your audio?

  1. Native speaker of the language(s) spoken in the audio
  • Someone with experience of the technical subject matter of the audio
  • An experienced native transcriber attuned to the nuances and dialects of the spoken language
  • Bilingual translator if the audio is being translated and transcribed into a different language

Transcription plus translation

When your project involves translation as well as transcription, it makes sense to use specialist linguists to ensure we deliver the best quality transcription product possible. Afterall, a certified translation can be only as good as the transcribed document we translate from. When Aplomb handles the project from start to end, we refer right back to the audio if questions arise when translating.

Where Aplomb is asked provide translations from your existing audio, a certified translation will reflect any errors or omissions present in the transcription you ask us to translate.

Trust Aplomb for Certified Transcription Plus Translation

Do we always need to transcribe the text before we translate it?

Well, not always, but if you want a certified translation by a native speaker of the translated language, then yes.

First, a subject specialist native linguist transcribes the audio. If the audio is unclear in places, the transcriber may listen to the audio up to 20 times. With transcription into the audio language, we can also easily assign further linguists to listen to the audio and try to fill in any gaps in the transcript. Then, a verified subject specialist translator who is a native speaker of the target language will carry out the translation. The final translation will be proofread, word-for-word, and checked against the transcription and the audio.

Certified Translations in all languages

Aplomb provides certified translations for your jurisdiction of choice. Working with many of our translators for over 20 years, we have a vast number of professional linguists whom we work with all over the world. This means that when you need your document translated by a state registered translator and stamped as certified abroad, we have a trusted professional linguist on hand. In the UK, we provide certified translations of financial documents accepted for legal purposes every day.

Multi-lingual & Audio transcription

Mutlti-lingual Transcription

Aplomb has carried out many multilingual transcription projects of significant length. We have also transcribed numerous poor quality audios for discovery purposes. We are able to employ background noise reduction software and vocal enhancement which can help us hear the speakers more clearly. This speeds the process along. From single phrases for television programs to 200 hours of multilingual financial trading calls, Aplomb has proven processes to deliver bespoke solutions. 


Audio to Translated Text

If the translation is for information purposes and does not need to be certified for legal use, then we can provide an audio to translated text service without the transcription stage. This is usually faster but we cannot provide the same level of back checking as we can with a transcribed text. This type of transcribed translation is done by a bilingual subject specialist translator who is familiar with the terminology in both languages. 

Multi-lingual transcription
and translation of VDR video data recorders from Ships.

Translation Services

Transcription of Audio to create subtitles in multiple languages and Voice Over for Audiovisual projects


Social Media, Marketing, Entertainment & Safety videos are just some of the projects we provide transcription for. Providing your media in the native language of your audience means they are 60-75% more likely to read, listen and pay attention to your message. To learn more about our audiovisual translation services click here

Multi-lingual, Machine & Technical subject Transcription

Mutlti-lingual & Machine Transcription

Using machine transcription is great for English if the audio is studio quality. It can help speed up the process, saving you time and money. We haven’t yet found a perfect automated transcription tool, but certainly, in some cases, it is faster to use machine transcription and then edit the output by hand. For some highly technical subjects however, amending the technical terminology might actually take longer in this process. For large and ongoing projects, it is possible to create glossaries and terminology bases to enable significant savings on time and costs. These translation technology tools will also ensure consistency of terminology and brand image. 

Machine transcription for other languages has not attained the same output quality as for English transcription results. However, if the audio is studio quality or clear and without interference, and transcription tools are available for the language pair, we sample test machine transcription output results to see if it will increase efficiencies of speed and costs. Most rare languages need to be done by humans. We assess the best process for each project at the quote stage. 

If there are several speakers, speaking at once, or in different languages, the outputs from machine transcription can be rather confusing and more time consuming to fix rather than choosing specialist human transcribers that get it right from the start. For instance, when speakers converse in more than one language and switch from language to language throughout the audio, the machine tools are unable to automatically identify that the language has changed and the transcription output is gibberish. Similarly, with background noise and multiple speakers speaking simultaneously, the outputs need so much editing an experienced human transcriber is faster.

How fast can transcription be delivered?

One minute of audio can range from 150 to 400 words of transcribed text per minute. 

It depends upon the speed of the speaker, the number of speakers, and if there are pauses in the dialogue. The time it takes to carry out the transcription and the number of times the linguist must listen to the recording to get it right all depends upon the quality of the audio, background noise, the language and terminology or slang, the number of speakers, the number of languages and dialects being spoken, the accent of the speakers and the speed of speaking. 

Aplomb is able to provide time estimates for a project once we have been able to listen to the audio.

How much does technical transcription cost?

For complicated audio, we charge on an hourly basis. We won’t be able to tell how long it will take until we make a start and then we can provide an estimate. For straightforward English text, clear and with one speaker, automated services can start from as little as £3. per minute.

For languages like Punjabi or Yoruba, the transcription must be done by a human and the number of times a linguist must listen to an audio is between 6 and 16 times, depending on the audio quality. For high quality recordings, prices per hour per audio minute will be cheaper than for poorer quality audio. We can confirm prices once we have been able to listen to the audio. 


Transcription and timecoding of audio and video files are available in all languages. To ensure accurate transcription for every project, Aplomb assigns a specialist linguist who is familiar with the subject matter and terminology of your recording. In addition to transcription of studio recorded audio, Aplomb is adept at handling transcription of complex and varying quality audios with multiple native speakers conversing in several languages and dialects.  Subsequent text translation is also available in all language pairs.

Translation Services

Aplomb ID Verification for Translators

To safeguard translators’ professional IDs (often used fraudulently), mitigate risks of use of fraudulent translations and verify the ID of translators, Aplomb created our innovative in-house solution for ID and skill-set verification of translators to create a unique database of Aplomb Certified translators approved to carry out work.

Aplomb Certified Translations

Translation Services

Aplomb’s certified translations can be backchecked to our database. We ensure your translation is carried out and signed by the required professional to meet the guidelines of the jurisdiction of your choice.

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