Director: Jeon Go-Woon
Genre: Drama; Comedy; Romance
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Release: 2017
Awards: 8 wins and 9 nominations


Protagonist 31-year-old Mi-so lives humbly in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Working as a cleaner, she
appears content with her miniscule apartment, loving relationship, and her two vices; whisky and
cigarettes. But when the cost of living pushes the rent up, she decides to give up her home rather
than abandon these pleasures. Unable to stay with her boyfriend, she visits her old school friends
one-by-one, all of whom are in very different places in their lives and let her down. Through a simply
told story, the film presents social issues and inequality in modern South Korean society in a
thoughtful and compassionate way.

For the audience, Mi-so is an understated and compelling
heroine, whose unconventional outlook on life quietly challenges our expectations.

Recommended by Aplomb!
Watched by Maisie on 23 March 2022